Magic is Sometimes Very Close to Nothing at All

Work in progress. Title inspired by by Zinedine Zidane Can one activity be both its own trigger and end result? How to become feather light and give up everything excessive? Artist Hanna Samoson seems to be in constant motion. Bystanders may not be able to understand whether this movement is restless or, rather, calming. For […]

Light My Mind

Music video for Vera Vice (Ave Vellesalu & Helen Västrik) in progress, published in April 2023 In memoriam Vilma Keer (24.08.1927 – 26.03.2022)

Trail Baltic. Trip to the Green

In October 2020 I hiked for 12 days, from Ikla to Ülemiste, covering more than 300km on a potential path of Rail Baltic in Estonia, a massive railway infrastructure project to connect Finland with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. To see and capture the place that excists due to its danger to disappear in exchange […]

Time Loser

How to finish or even start an artwork when time constantly seems to be taken away from you? Time Loser, on the one hand, is the one who wakes up in the morning and feels like she is already in debt. Time Loser, on the other hand, is the one who has managed to enter […]


After seeing a dream where the self becomes one with the being on one of the 2222 islands belonging to Estonia, Samoson treks, ice skates, and walks though water to reach islands across the surreal and glacial landscapes of Estonia in winter looking for her dream. As she is accompanied by demon-faced companions, the landscape […]

Pin Mode

“The author tells a story about the disastrous process of creation of her book. And whilst one side of you wants to send her chaotic and sometimes even obnoxious personality to hell, the other side is laughing at the fact that the book you are holding in your hands in a perfect and archetypal example […]

Harlan County Line

Music video for Fruit Express Music by Roma Vjazemski & Madis Aesma. Recorded by Roma Vjazemski & Martin Kikas (Ö Stuudio). Mix & Master by Martin Kikas @ Ö Stuudi0 Label: SAD FUN Video made by Hanna Samoson & Ivars Gravlejs featuring Ivars Gravlejs, Mihkel Reha, GolfClayderman, Ulrika Skakovska Anna Kalnā, Esmeralda Usas, Charlotte Jents, […]

Mythology of Long-Distance Running

Hanna runs. She runs to meditate, to occupy a newly created time and space and to feel the energy that the world is made of. She loves to dance too. When her calves ache, her soles become sore, she dances and runs at the same time. She drunces now, and she feels no pain. Drunce […]