Artist statement

More and more it seems to me that it does not matter much what is created but rather how it is created. For the past 5 years I have consciously been pursuing ways to get closer to Self. Each project is another try to reflect the experience back from there. The quest is to find/create the gate that enters into space that can be experienced without the compromise of time and stay there as long as possible. It seems to be the case that the longer I am there, the more limitless the reality is and it becomes possible to see and reveal mystic truths.

My friend once told me that the further you go, the more lonely it gets. This, in my understanding, is only partly true. Once in the experience, it is never lonely because the maker and what is made is the same, everything is one and nothing is lacking.

It can only get lonely outside the experience, when life once again becomes a continuous struggle that is handling complexities caused by the illusion of time. Therefore my current reason for making art is to make friends. For me, the best outcome of artwork is the appearance of someone who understands and wants to create together. In most cases these someone’s appear in the works themselves.

Written in September 2022 in Rannamõisa