Magic is Sometimes Very Close to Nothing at All


Work in progress. Title inspired by by Zinedine Zidane

Can one activity be both its own trigger and end result? How to become feather light and give up everything excessive? Artist Hanna Samoson seems to be in constant motion. Bystanders may not be able to understand whether this movement is restless or, rather, calming. For example, she once walked through the entire route of Rail Baltic; another time she attempted to visit all 2,222 islands in Estonia. On this occasion, Samoson takes visitors on a journey that conditionally reflects the year in her life before the exhibition. One by one, she tackles her connections with her family, the media, health, spirit and everything else that keeps her tethered to this world. Starting with renunciation and ending with reconciliation, she seeks a certain ascetic abundance with the help of invited fellow artists – a state where nothing is redundant yet nothing is lacking.

Written by Siim Preiman